Catalogue Raisonné Ruth Baumgarte

The catalogue raisonné includes the complete works of Ruth Baumgarte with over 3500 artistic works. Especially with watercolor painting she captured numerous travel impressions and socio-political topics pictorially. She created numerous portraits and stage compositions of actors, dancers and artists. Gestures and habitus of people in her personal environment, processing of personal experiences, socio-political themes such as the depiction of man in heavy industry as well as impressions from her travels were her themes. She also received commissions from book publishers for the design of fiction, children's and youth literature.

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76 Paintings

418 Watercolors

616 Drawings

241 Sketches

2,218 Illustrations

11 Designs for applied arts

Through her marriage to Hans Baumgarte, owner of an ironworks, she came into contact with the steel industry and was one of the few women in art history to portray people in the context of industrial production.

Beginning in the 1970s, Ruth Baumgarte repeatedly explored the drastic changes in the relationship between the individual and society. With her portrait cycle of the "Non-Sesshaften," she dedicated her own seven-part series of paintings with character studies to the social imbalance in the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1980s. In this context, around 1985, she also created milieu studies in which she looked at the diverse forms of expression of youth culture and reinterpreted them.

Selected works of Ruth Baumgarte

»Without the inner experience no art can arise!«

Ruth Baumgarte

Catalogue Raisonné Vol. I-III

The artistic oeuvre of Ruth Baumgarte (1923–2013) is firmly rooted in the representational tradition. On the basis of the latest scientific research it is presented here with a complete catalogue raisonné in an opulent, three-volume edition.

Edited by Wiebke Steinmetz and Viola Weigel

Contributions by R. M. Fischer, R. Giesen, E. J. Gillen, H. Lethen, C. Präger, B. Reifenscheid, W. Steinmetz, A. Stief, V. Weigel

Text: English/German
3 volumes in a decorative slipcase
1172 pages, 3450 colour illustrations

27 × 32 cm, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-7774-3838-2

175,00 £

198,00 € [D] | 203,60 € [A] | 244,00 SFR [CH]

Details of the Catalogue raisonné

The complete artistic oeuvre of Ruth Baumgarte, firmly anchored in the representational tradition, is presented in an opulent three-volume edition based on the latest scholarly research and with a catalog raisonné designed to be complete. In addition, an exciting chapter of illustration in postwar art is opened.

In the volume of essays, a portrait of the artist's life is drawn in the mirror of biographical and cultural-historical milestones, the art-historical location of the work is undertaken, and the artist's special relationship to Africa is explained. In addition, a contribution explores the interrelationship between image and filmographic aspects in the work. The volume is supplemented by a detailed, illustrated biography.

The second volume lists all pictorial works with illustrations. In the catalog raisonné, the illustration works are also published in their entirety for the first time in the third volume.