Mission statement

The Ruth Baumgarte Art Foundation's mission is to continuously increase the research and maintenance of Ruth Baumgarte's artistic oeuvre and the promotion of her international memory. In addition, the public visibility and museum positioning of the artist serve to integrate her into the canon of the most important German women artists.

The Art Foundation supports free and independent research according to academic standards in its project work and by awarding a doctoral scholarship.

The Kunststiftung realizes the archiving and administration of Ruth Baumgarte's work according to current museum standards. A coherent collection concept serves to complete the work.

Important aspects in the fulfillment of the foundation's mission are the publication of the scholarly catalogue raisonné in November 2022, which will soon be followed by the freely available database, as well as the realization of exhibition projects that promote and strengthen public awareness of the work in Germany and abroad.

To commemorate Ruth Baumgarte, the Ruth Baumgarte Art Award will be awarded every one to two years, and measures will be actively taken and supported that serve to increase the artist's visibility in the public eye.

As a forward-looking perspective, the foundation of a Ruth Baumgarte Art Museum is being pursued.