2023 | Ceremony for the 100th Birthday of Ruth Baumgarte

Altstädter Nicolai Church, Bielefeld

2023 | Ruth Baumgarte on the occasion of her 100th birthday

Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, Bielefeld (engl. Subtitles)

2022 | Ruth Baumgartes Africa Cycle at the Albertina in Vienna

ARD ttt - titel, thesen, temperamente, 18.12.2022

2020 | Become, who you are! Ruth Baumgarte - The Art of Living

Museum for Art and Cultural History, Dortmund (engl. Subtitles)

2020 | Memorial Stele for Ruth Baumgarte

Honor in Berlin-Karlshorst (engl. Subtitles)

2019 | Ruth Baumgarte in Africa

By ARTE director Sabine Carbon (engl. Subtitles)

2019 | Ruth Baumgarte. Vision Afrika – Turn of the Fire

Municipal Museum Braunschweig, Interview with Hannelore Hoger (engl. Subtitles)

2018 | РУТ БАУМГАРТЕ - Ruth Baumgarte

Ludwig Foundation in the Marble Palace, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2018 | Ruth Baumgarte and the Economic Miracle. A Rush of Colour by the Boiler

Hoesch-Museum, Dortmund, WDR documentary (engl. Subtitles)

2017 | Ruth Baumgarte. Turn of the Fire

Ludwig Museum, Koblenz (engl. Subtitles)

2017 | Ruth Baumgarte. Origin – Imprinting – Caesuras

Kulturhaus Karlshorst, District Office Berlin-Lichtenberg (engl. Subtitles)

2014 | Ruth Baumgarte

With excerpts from a WDR report from 1988 (engl. Subtitles)