Workers (Man-to-Man Exchange of Experiences), 1961

Workers (Man-to-Man Exchange of Experiences), 1961
Watercolour and graphite on cream-colored paper, 22 x 28,3 cm; Template for the June sheet of the Eisenwerk Baumgarte calendar, 1961

Around 1960, the world of industry was still purely a man's world. Traditions were passed down from man to man. This work depicts a busy scene in a bright industrial facility. In the foreground, we can see two men, drawn from the waist up. They are so close together that they are clearly not really standing face-to-face – they are also looking past each other.

Despite the double portrait, the young man and the old man are physically far apart. Their connection and the context of their intergenerational experience is the workshop behind them. Interestingly, a series of contemporary black-and-white photographs from the industrial region of North Rhine-Westphalia by Erich and Rudi Angenendt and Albert Renger-Patzsch employ similar motifs.



Parallels to the Photography of Ludwig Windstosser

Ludwig Windstosser (1921-1983), Miner with Mining Apprentice (Ruhrkohle), Photography 1958-59