Ruth Baumgarte, 1988 ©Hans-Werner Büscher


If one asks me to say something about myself, my life, my thoughts, my work, well, especially about my work, it is essentially hard for me to talk about it.

Since I believe that I make thoughts visible, I feel like being in the place of a letter writer, who feels uncomfortable when one is looking over his shoulder. With this feeling in mind, I am searching for explanations why I worked this way yesterday, yet that way today, and why tomorrow, a different path might open up to my artistic capability.

A plethora of topics move me; too many in that one human life would be sufficient to be able to give all of them a shape or form.

From: Ruth Baumgarte on her Work, in: Ruth Baumgarte, Retrospective from 1924 until 1989,
Paintings and Drawings, Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, 1989, p. 5