Retrospective Exhibition of Ruth Baumgarte's Africa Cycle "Turn of the Fire" at Ludwig Museum at the State Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg

On the occasion of this year's 95th birthday of German female painter Ruth Baumgarte (1923 - 2013) the Ludwig Museum at the State Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg will present the artist's africa-cycle "Turn of the Fire" in the premises of Marble Palace from September 5 until October 22, 2018.

The artist started exploring the African contintent already in the 1950s. At this time the continent still was unknown and seemed exotic from an european point of view. Since the early 1980s, Baumgarte became a regular visitor; and travelled within twenty years over fourty times to several south- and east-african states, especially to the Apartheid-embossed South Africa.

Through these journeys, even before a general art-historical discourse began, the artist started to address socio-political upheavels and processes in her expressive, in part seemingly apocalyptic works.

Already at the last turn of the year, the Ludwig Museum Koblenz presented the exhibition "Ruth Baumgarte. Turn of the Fire" with around 50 works of the artist. The show at St. Petersburg will present nearly the whole cycle at the main floor of the representative Marble Palace.

The exhibition will be documented in a hardcover publication in English and Russian language.




The Ludwig Museum in the State Russian Museum

Marble Palace

5 Millionnaya Str.

St. Petersburg



Mona Hatoum receives Ruth Baumgarte Art Award

Mona Hatoum 2017 © Nash Baker

The internationally renowned artist Mona Hatoum recieved the 4th Ruth Baumgarte Art Award on Saturday, 23 June at the Berlinische Galerie (Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture).

Mona Hatoum was born in 1952 in Lebanon as the daughter of a Palestinian family. With her installations and sculptures, performances and video works the artist has developed a special poetic-minimalistic language which is primarily characterised by the simultaneous generation of contrary emotions such as attraction and revulsion, fear and fascination. She places personal experiences in a global context, whereby her work obtains a political character.

Among other awards, the artist has been distinguished with the Roswitha Haftmann Prize (2004), the Käthe Kollwitz Prize (2010) and the Joan Miró Prize (2011). In addition to numerous exhibitions in international museums, she increasingly gained international attention through participation in the Venice Biennale (1995 and 2005) or the documenta in Kassel (2002 and 2017).