Mona Hatoum 2017 © Nash Baker

Awardee Mona Hatoum

Born in 1952 in Beirut to Palestinian parents, Mona Hatoum studied art at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London and then at the Slade School of Fine Art. She has taught in Maastricht, Paris and London. Today she lives and works in London and Berlin.

Hatoum's art situates people in global affairs and examines the physical and psychological effects of social and political structures on the individual. Thus, the artist is particularly concerned with the themes of home and displacement and is often in their statements between extremes on the way. The creation of opposing emotions such as attraction and disgust, fear and fascination at the sight of her works runs through her entire oeuvre - from early performances to current installations and sculptures. Hatoum's art always remains poetic and minimalistic. The political aspect is often only visible at second glance, but the statement is all the more sustainable.

With international attention, Mona Hatoum exhibited her work in major institutions such as the Tate Modern London, the Centre Pompidou Paris or at the Venice Biennale. Currently she is presenting a big show at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation St. Louis. Her works are represented in numerous international collections.